Villa Sailendra home


Front View of Villa Sailendra

Villa Sailendra is a tranquil paradise encompassed by some of the most uplifting sceneries in Bandung, to soothe your delicate senses.

With the most exclusive facilities, unprecedented services and precious complements from nature, Villa Sailendra strives to provide our guests with the level of comfort and luxury unrivalled by any villa in Indonesia.

Although secluded well from the bustle of Bandung's urbanized streets, Villa Sailendra is located a mere 3 minutes away from the main streets of the city (Jalan Setiabudi) and 15 minutes away from that point on to the 3 most famous tourist attractions around and within the city of Bandung, namely Lembang City, Paris Van Java (PVJ) and Cihampelas Walk (Ciwalk), thanks to a centrally situated position amongst the three. And for the loving chef of the family, a well-established supermarket, Griya, is only at 10 minutes drive away from the Villa Sailendra. 

We welcome you to experience a villa like it was never known before in Indonesia.

Cipaku Dreamhills Kav 50-51
Bandung, Indonesia